Season 35 Round 19 / 60
Game Time 2024 Mar 04, 01:25 UTC(+00:00)
Transfer Thread
Kasper A.
2024-03-02 18:26 Edited by Kasper A. at 2024-03-02 18:27
@Mr J
You were unfortunately hit by the spiral of doom where your players have very low morale due to loosing international cup games. It will be almost impossible to get out of the spiral now. I would also sell some of the old players and maybe buy some players with high morale so you might avoid relegation. Or just accept your faith and play youths rest of the season and rebuild in second division
Mr J
2024-03-02 20:48
@KasperA - thanks, sadly it seems that way. We're doing a little of both...and also trying some new formations/etc.
Sadly, I'm not blameless - we've been terrible from the first game this season
2024-03-02 22:44
@Mr J you are not alone in that kind of situation, in Portugal the likes of LOBOS FAMINTOS is experiencing the same thing,I just wonder how will he bounce's really terrible what morale can do to a team.
2024-03-02 23:12
@Mr J, yeah, importance of morale cannot be understated. Gotta' know when to throw in the towel during international play and give your back-ups some experience, so your main team guys can climb out of the hole of despair. Probably easier when not in England Division 1.1.
2024-03-03 08:16
GK 33/90.70 (Exp = 93)
Potential = 5*
Learning = 4.5*
WB 32/83.30 (Exp = 87)
Potential = 5*
Learning = 5*
AM 32/81.95 (Exp = 86)
Potential = 5*
Learning = 2.5*
WM 25/63.60 (Exp = 71)
Potential = 5*
Learning = 3.5*
Jamie Best
2024-03-03 12:41
DM Francis Al-Mubarak - 18yo, 39.35 rating, 27xp

Has developed very nicely so far with all key stats 50+, just needs more game time to bring up his XP, has 5* Flair and very strong on both feet

Full scout report:
Potential Great Star Rating: 4
Learning Great Star Rating: 4.5
Aggression Great Star Rating: 4.5
Leadership Average Star Rating: 2
Flair Amazing Star Rating: 5
Flexibility Average Star Rating: 2.5
Right Foot Great Star Rating: 4
Left Foot Amazing Star Rating: 5