Season 22 Round 52 / 60
Game Time 2023 Jan 29, 18:54 UTC(+00:00)
Facilities - Where are people at?
2022-12-08 08:16
Don-x wrote :
Its a simple maths and its not a facility you can depend on for better income per season, you can build it after and expect it to cover some expenses like staff/facilities.
With 50k stadium and max level fanshop @$20, if average 70% fans buy things.
50k all home matches equals 700k×0.70×$20 =$9,800,000.
Training center + youth academy is more profitable in the long run.
I have 15k stadium when my youth academy hit level 12, i also have the best youth players from the academy no regret to opt against building fanshop till date.

One correction, you have 15 home matches in the league. So in the calculation you did above it is actually
15 * 50k * 70% * $20 = $10.5 million per season minimum on average.
There will be more matches in the international competitions if you are a top team participating in those. National trophy and league cup doesnt count towards this as they are played at neutral grounds.

But you are right, you should upgrade fan shop only when your stadium has very high capacity. In the beginning it is wiser to invest in youth academy and training centre (and may be even media office, haven't done that math yet)
2022-12-08 08:42
Yes 15 home games in the league, have been calculating with 14.. And yes forgot to mention continental tour.
If i remember correctly
Fanshop/media office maintainance per season was the main reason its a secondary investment facilities. M/o was recently updated.
Bill Beaver
2022-12-08 09:10
A fan shop may not be the best financial investment, but don't fans deserve some sort of shop - even a basic one?
2022-12-08 09:18
50x18 home games.
900x0.70x20 =12.6m
It cost 100k×60.
So 12.6m-6m =6.6m profit.
(6.6m times 12 months, 1 real year lol.)
Using 70% again for fanshop calculation its actually not a building that can be so important, i mean at maximum criteria it can't generate more than 10m per season or much more.
Its good to build later when you have all important facilities checked.
2022-12-10 18:45
My club.
stadium = 10000 upgrading to 15000
training center level 5
fanshop level 2
medical center level 2
youth academy level 3
And media office not build.
2022-12-11 21:36
Stadium Capacity 40,000 seats
Fan Shop Level 5
Training Centre Level 20
Youth Academy Level 11
Medical Centre Level 3
Media Office Level 4
2022-12-11 23:17
karlacci wrote :
Dave wrote :
Bad investment pah!!! you suckers are going to be sorry when that starts paying off!!!

First: don't you dare offend anyone, asshole.
Second: do you really want to compare a user who started playing season 12 with one who started playing season 1????????? There are much more important investments to make in the beginning!
For ex, your YT academy is too low

Obviously I was being sarcastic with this post, it is a shame you just did not get it. I was trying to point out in a lighthearted manner the folly of upgrading the fan shop to max levels given that it costs so much time and so much money for such little returns. I think it was clear there was no offence cast towards newer users and if you were to look at the figures I posted it may even act as a warning to not upgrade the fan shop the way I did. I appreciate that English may not be your first language so if in future you have a problem with anything I post, rather than take unmerited offence and call me names, pm first and I will explain. Finally, yes my YT is low, this is due, in part, to me maxing out my fan shop.
2022-12-12 06:12
I have
stadium capacity at 39000(going to be 44000)
the training center at 10
youth academy at 6
and fan shop at 1
any advice for me on where I can improve
2022-12-12 12:19
Training training training plus good staffs
Syn Snot
2022-12-14 01:31
Stadium Capacity 35,000 seats
Fan Shop Not Built
Training Centre Level 14
Youth Academy Not Built
Medical Centre Level 1
Media Office Not Built
2022-12-24 13:56
Just put in a request to upgrade my youth academy to level 12. 100 rounds seems such a long way off !
2022-12-24 14:05
Here we go.
As the most advanced club.
Stadium 30k
Training center 20
Youth academy 12.
Media, fanshop, health. @zero level.
2022-12-24 14:21
In 8 rounds my youth is at level 4