Season 37 Round 48 / 60
Game Time 2024 May 21, 17:13 UTC(+00:00)
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Gazza Robo
2024-04-22 10:13 Edited by Gazza Robo at 2024-04-27 10:31
I have played ...IT N Soccer.
For over twelve years, it's free
Play 1st team and reserves.And international matches
3 matches a week.
P.M... me if you want further information
2024-04-23 04:57
2024-04-27 10:20
Many over the years. I stopped playing about 8 years ago (I think an ex-girlfriend made me quit) but over Christmas I got the urge to have a look around and signed up to a few, including, thankfully this one.

Online football manager games (mostly under Funky Town if you want to contact me or kicl my butt elsewhere)
Managerleague (very similar to this, but a different scale)
Sokker (haven't quite got into this and I'm expecting the team to fold soon.)

Basketball - Buzzerbeater

Cricket - Battrick

Rugby League - Blackout Rugby

Non-sport online games - Tibia