Season 39 Round 45 / 60
Game Time 2024 Jul 23, 02:11 UTC(+00:00)
Facilities - Overview

Success starts from the roots. To be a successful club, you need to have a solid backbone at your club for everything. Team facilities are one of the most pivotal pillars to help you make your club strong.


When you take charge at a club, you have absolutely no facilities to use. Yes, that means you have to build everything by yourself. Getting the best infrastructure for your club requires time, so be patient and start developing facilities one by one.

Your current list of facilities can be viewed at the Facilities page under the Club menu. There are different types of facilities that you can build, each serves a unique purpose. Details of each facility and what it gives you is detailed by each section of the Facilities page.

You can only build or upgrade one facility at a time. Each upgrade costs time and money, and the next one can only be initiated after the current upgrade is complete. So plan your finances and time carefully, build in small steps, slowly strengthening your base at the club.

Maintenance Costs

Not only developing, but also maintaining your infrastructure costs money. The higher your facility levels, the higher the costs for maintaining them. So build only what you can afford. Maintenance costs will be deducted from your bank balance automatically every round.