Season 39 Round 45 / 60
Game Time 2024 Jul 23, 02:58 UTC(+00:00)
Game Basics - Competitions

Your team plays in various competitions in a season. Some competitions have only teams from your league, some all teams from your country, and some are global competitions where teams from all countries in the game fight for glory. Summary of all competitions your team plays in can be found in your manager Dashboard or My Matches under the Competition menu.


All teams in a particular division/subdivision take part in a league competition, where every team plays against each other twice - one home and one away match. The team who accumulates maximum points and finishes top of the league table gets promoted to the upper division. 4 teams that finishes bottom of the table are relegated to the lower division.

The teams that finish 2nd or 3rd in the league takes part in a play-off competition after the league matches are finished. They play against each other, and finally against the teams who finished at 11th and 12th position in the upper division in an attempt to get promoted.

League Cup

This is a knockout competition where teams from the same league (division/subdivision) takes part in.

National Trophy

National Trophy is a country wide competition where all clubs in a country participate. Upper division teams enter the competition at later stages, as the competition progresses in a knockout fashion.

Global Competitions

The top teams in Division 1 of every country also get a chance to play in the global competitions. The finishing position of the team in a particular season in the league table determines which competition they take part in. These are the most prestigious competitions in F4Football and every team dreams of winning it.

Other Competitions

There are also other competitions which you qualify by winning a certain competition in the previous season or by meeting specific criteria.

Player Awards

At the end of every competition, certain awards are given to top performing players. These details can be viewed from the competition's details page.

Player Suspensions

Players get suspended for certain number of matches if they accumulate cards in a competition. Once they get 3 yellow cards, they get suspended for the next match, 5 and 7 yellows get them further suspensions, and then for every yellow card after that. A red card automatically suspends a player for the next match.