Season 36 Round 51 / 60
Game Time 2024 Apr 21, 06:15 UTC(+00:00)
Game Basics - Custom Competitions

Users can create their own tournaments or friendly matches in their desired format too in F4Football. These custom competitions lets you play with your in-game friends or rivals in your own friendly environment, and helps you gain precious Experience for your players. These are the prefect stage to test out new tactics and strategies and give young players a chance to have a run out, without worrying about any penalties for losing. They also give you some small additional revenue which can be very handy in tight financial situations, as well as a slight morale boost to your players as they enjoy their runout in those matches.

You can play one custom match in every round of a season, but they have to be confirmed atleast one round beforehand. Once a team creates a tournament or a friendly, other teams can join it by going to the custom competition's details page. Your custom tournaments or matches can be accessed via the Custom Cups link under the Competition menu.

Entry Types

When you are creating a friendly match or a custom tournament, you can set the Entry Type to either Direct or By Approval. Any other team can directly join a Direct entry match or tournament, while requests to join a By Approval one need to be approved by the creator of the tournament.

Friendly Matches

These are custom one-off matches where you can play against another team. The match is scheduled for the selected round immediately after both the teams join it.


Tournaments can have 4,8,16 or 32 participating teams, and can be created in League, Knockout, or a Group Stage + Knockout formats. Atleast 4 teams need to join the tournament before start of the round the tournament is scheduled to begin, else the whole tournament will be cancelled. In case more than 4 teams join but the tournament is still not full, then the tournament will run but the format will be adjusted to cope with the reduced number of participants.

Experience Gain Limitations

Your players can gain experience from playing custom matches (both friendlies and tournaments) in addition to the competitive matches they play in. However, experience gaining will be enabled for only 30 custom matches in a season. The first 30 matches are enabled every season by default, but you can change that and decide which matches you want to use for gaining experience from the Custom Matches tab in the My Matches page under Competition menu.

More detailed information about experience gaining can be found in the Advanced Tutorial under Players >> Gaining Experience.

Other Information

All your custom matches will be played at a neutral venue, and match revenue will be shared equally between teams. Your players lose fitness during these matches too, so plan your match times wisely so that they regain enough fitness back before the next regular match.