Season 36 Round 51 / 60
Game Time 2024 Apr 21, 05:20 UTC(+00:00)
Overview - Game Objectives

The ultimate goal of the game is to build a great team and maintain it.

You play the role of the manager at a club, and make decisions regarding developing the club and taking it forward. As you progress, you make your team stronger in various aspects, compete against other real human managers from around the globe, accumulating trophies and establishing yourself as an unbeatable force in the virtual F4Football game world.

Your Team

When you start playing, you have to take control of a club and start developing it. Every club when they start will be just a group of players and you as their manager. It will have no stadium, facilities, staff or infrastructure, and you will be responsible for getting all that for your club.

As all great things, you cannot build a great club in a day too! It requires time, and careful planning to establish yourself as a great club. A little bit of money will be given to you when you take charge of a club. After that, you have to earn it to sustain your club and improve it. So make good use of your initial money to build a decent infrastructure, or hire a few staff to improve your players, it's your club, you decide it!

Always feel free to experiment with things. You can always resign from your current club and take charge of a new club if things go terribly wrong. But keep in mind, all the developments you have done so far at your current club will be lost if you do so, and you will start again with a new club from scratch!

And to show off yourself to other managers, we have ranking systems to see the best teams and managers in the game. But don't get too much bothered about that at this point anyways, there is still a long way to go. So continue with the tutorial to know about other aspects in detail.