Season 39 Round 45 / 60
Game Time 2024 Jul 23, 02:42 UTC(+00:00)
Staff - Attributes

Staff have 8 different attributes which determine how much they can influence players in your squad. These can be viewed from the details page for each staff.

Coaching Attributes

These are attributes that are handy in improving trainable attributes of a player, and are important for Coaches. They include Coaching Basic Skills, Coaching Goalkeeping, Coaching Defending, Coaching Attacking, Tactical Training and Endurance Training. The higher an attribute for a coach, the better he will train your players in the given training program.


Scouts require the Judging Players attribute to understand a player's abilities well. So make sure that this attribute is high when hiring scouts for your club, to ensure the player scouting reports generated by them are as accurate as possible.


The Physiotherapy attribute is vital for your club's Physio. It helps to keep your players in good shape and keep them as fit as possible for every match.