Season 39 Round 45 / 60
Game Time 2024 Jul 23, 02:07 UTC(+00:00)
Staff - Contracts

Similar to players, you need to recruit staff members to make your squad better. But unlike players, you can only hire staff who are currently unemployed.

Offering A Contract

You can see a list of all unemployed staff available by clicking on the Hire New Staff button on the Staff page. From an unemployed staff's information page, you can offer him a contract if you wish. You need to specify the role he will be assigned at the club, and the wages that you are ready to pay him every round. Other teams may also offer contracts for the same staff. The staff will join the team that offered a contract with the highest wages per round at the end of the offer deadline. The deadline is set as 12 hours from the time of the first offer, and each new contract offer will extend it to 8 hours from the time of the most recent offer.

Wage Restrictions

Every staff will expect a minimum wage offer based on his skills, when a team approaches him to offer a contract. You cannot offer him a contract with wages below this minimum expectation. If an offer is already in place for the same staff by another team, you need to offer at least 10% more than current the highest offer. But be warned, your board will only allow to offer wages based on your current financial situation, so they might put a cap on how much you can offer to employ a staff member.

Contract Termination

If you feel one of your staff members is not good enough to be at your club, or if you find a better unemployed staff available for the same role, you can decide to terminate that staff member. But remember, you can only fire a staff if he has been at your club for at least 7 days.